Commercial photography

commercial photography

BIBI London Studios is a creative photography studio situated in London, Essex. This exclusive location is perfect for clients who desire a level of service and privacy which cannot be matched by the chaos of Central London locations. 

We offer our expertise across the industry of fashion, e-commerce, product, headshots, videography, set designs and our stunning in house location services. Founded by our Mother Company BIBI LONDON we are connected to some of the most renowned creative directors, actors, artists and models in the industry today.


Our digital content provides your customers with the most realistic visualisation of how the clothes will appear on them. Our In-House photographers will cover a range of angles, close and full body shots. All of our photographers shoot tethered so you will be able view the content throughout the shoot. This will ensure the service from booking with us to receiving the retouched images is a first-rate experience.


The invisible mannequin photography is an industry technique which makes the clothing appear as if they are being worn by an invisible model.The mannequin is expertly styled and photographed with the clothing, before being removed digitally to leave an outfit that appears hollow, with hoods, cuffs and collars all visible. 

Producing images for online catalogues, website banners look books,  e-commerce or PR, we’ll ensure we provide quality clothing photography that showcases your products perfectly adding real commercial value.


This is much simpler in its process to invisible mannequin photography. Styled Flat lay is photographing garments on a flat surface either on its own or with multiple items. This works extremely well with both plain backgrounds or graphic backdrops which creates edge to the final images.


Professional E-Commerce Photography is a staple at BIBI London Studio. We strive to bring your vision to reality, we work together to produce the highest quality brand images which we ensure will enhance your brand identity and ultimately increase your sales. At Bibi London Studios we give you the option of our in-house make-up artists, hair stylists and choice of models.

high fashion

Here at BIBI London Studios our In-House Photographers have worked with prestigious brands such as Grazia, Loreal and Mac. With over 20 years of experience in the industry we pride ourselves on our creative flair and confidence to exceed our already high ceiling of work on our website.



In the Modelling, Acting industry a great headshot is an essential tool used to attract brands and agencies wanting to work with you. This is why at BIBI London Studio our In- House Photographer Danny Singh ,a former model understands the importance of this. Long gone are the days of classic black and white headshots, the current trend is vastly becoming a more state- style actor headshot. From the first phone call consultation to the day of your shoot, you will leave our studio with the desired image you need to stand out in your industry.

Like the Arts industry a strong headshot in the Corporate industry can make your CV, LINKEDIN account stand out for future employers to see. If you're a proud professional you want a headshot to celebrate your success, look no further than our team at BIBI London Studio. Give our friendly team as much information on your project as possible so that they can tailor a quote to your needs or answer any questions you may have.


When it comes to commercial product photography, we are here to help. Whether you need catalogue, bespoke or watch photography our In-House Photographer can do it all.

At BIBI London Studios we have custom sets specifically designed for product photography. We can produce a range of content for your jewellery brand’s needs – whether this is e-commerce images for your website, or still life shots for social media. Our team are skilled in producing clean, professional shots, 

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Give our friendly team as much information on your project as possible so that they can tailor a quote to your needs or answer any questions you may have.

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